Charles Hamilton: Closer (To My Dreams)

Very laid back track right here. Recorded in 2008, before Charles made a few mistakes and fell off the map, this track features the legendary MC Lyte and has a nice, old-school, vibe to it.


Download: Charles Hamilton – Closer ft. MC Lyte

On a side note, I found his blog to be an interesting read. He gets very personal in his entries, and, although there hasn’t been a new post from him since July 1st, reading his old posts tells a lot about him and helps explain how he got to be where he is right now: nowhere to be found. Although I’ve liked some of his songs (i.e. Brooklyn Girls & Barbara Walters), I never knew much about him other than the few negative things that the media covered. But after reading his entries (which have some great text-freestyles) I have a different level of respect for him. There has been recent speculation that CH will be back from his hiatus soon, and with all the emotion he has built up from being negatively thrown under the media spotlight, be sure to expect some heat.


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