Amy Winehouse: Valerie [Live on Radio 1]

Valerie, originally released by The Zutons in 2007, is without a doubt a beautiful song. Several artists have shown their appreciation for the track by releasing their own take on it, including: Panic! at the Disco, James Morrison, and Amy Winehouse. Out of every cover I’ve heard, Winehouse’s version takes the cake.

Winehouse released a studio version of ‘Valerie’ in collaboration with the talented Marc Ronson. As enjoyable as Amy’s studio version is, it doesn’t fully capture how ridiculously powerful her voice is.

Solution: a recording of Winehouse live.

Her live performance for Radio 1 is on an entirely different level. Her vocals sound bright and impassioned, dominating the otherwise spacious and simple arrangement.

For someone who was so rapidly falling apart, it’s pretty impressive that Amy Winehouse was able to put something like this together.


Jay Electronica: Exhibit C

Yeah, I took that picture…no big deal. But back when I took it, the man in the picture was in no place to be rocking such a damn fly sceptre.
Let me break it down for you. I was in attendance at a Nas concert in July of 2008 at Toad’s Place, a venue known traditionally for having a tough crowd. A packed in audience was growing anxious after having already waited more than two hours for the man they paid to see. When the boisterous opening act Jay Electronica walked in instead, it was pretty much the perfect storm for disaster. Booing ensued relentlessly from all angles of the room. Yet the seemingly overly-confident MC wasn’t going to go down without a fight… literally and figuratively. As he worked his set over thrown drinks and loud disapproval, Jay Electronica called out several people in the crowd to “meet [him] after the show.” I could’ve sworn that after such a dysfunctional act, Jay Electronica would never see the light of day again.
While he could’ve quit and let Nas take over, Jay went through a long and painful set in its entirety. Now, looking back, the persistence that Jay Electronica exhibited at Toad’s Place represents the exact qualities that breed excellence in this game.
It isn’t all that surprising then that nearly two years later, Jay Electronica is growing exponentially in popularity throughout the underground rap scene, showcasing lyrical talent and wordplay ability to boot. Check an excerpt from the well-crafted track titled Exhibit C to see what I mean:
They Call Me Jay Electronica
Fuck that, call me Jay Elec-Chanukah
Jay Elect-Yarmulke
Jay Elect-Ramadan Muhammad Asalaam-ica
Rasoul Allah Wa ta’ala through your monitor

Dope. It’s good to see that what could’ve been a devastating blow to a young career was averted. Jay Electronica has a lot going for him, and I look forward to witnessing his growth in the years to come.

Bruno Mars: All About You

You may remember Bruno Mars from when he absolutely killed the hook on B.o.B’s Nothin’ on You
After such a strong display, I felt compelled to hear more. Unfortunately, it seems that at this point, Bruno Mars only has a limited collection of songs floating around the internet. Still, from what I could hear, this dude has some serious potential.
Check both versions of ‘All About You’ to see what I mean. I’m a big fan of the studio version, and the unplugged version is actually chill-inspiring. It’s great to see that there are still some artists that sound just as good, if not better, outside of the studio.