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The Dream vs Lights – Walkin’ on the Moon (Drive my Soul Remix)

Meet Lights, an up and coming indie artist from Canada. Relatively unknown in the States, she’s rising to fame internationally. Not to mention, she’s absolutely gorgeous. She’s also a complete nerd, actually updating her video blog through WOW and has some fuckin awesome tattoos.

Her song “Drive my Soul” (Victor Rusin Remix), is mashedup with the classic “Walkin’ on the Moon” by The Dream feat. Kanye West.

This song has a nice mellow house sound coupled with The Dream’s recognizable R&B style, and Kanye’s rhyming. The mashup was done by flipboitamidles, he’s done an excellent job, and more of his tracks can be found on his blog. It’s an awesome track, probably my favorite of everything I’ve posted so far. Enjoy.

Preview it here: (skip ahead to 0:30)

Snatch it here: The Dream vs Lights – Walkin’ on the Moon (Drive my Soul Remix)

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Artist Watch: J. Cole

Although he may not be a household name (yet), J. Cole is certainly an artist to watch as his first two mixtapes have left listeners wanting more. His clever wordplay, lyrical substance, and smooth flow earned him the first spot on Jay-Z’s Roc Nation label and one of the only featured verses on Jay-Z’s most recent album (next to Kanye West and Young Jeezy). J. Cole is a breath of fresh air in a hip hop industry that has recently been filled with dumbed down lyrics and repetitive voice effects. He has speculated that his debut album should be out next Spring and I look forward to hearing more from him in the future.

Hear for yourself: J. Cole – Lights Please
Want to hear more? Get his most recent mixtape here: J. Cole – The Warm Up (Mixtape)